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San Jose Teleprompter Jim ThylinThank you so much for taking the time to view my site, your time is valuable so I appreciate you spending some of your time getting to know me a little bit. I’m Jim Thylin and I’m here to show you how I may be able to save “you” time and money by using TeleprompterJim.

Years of teleprompting experience

I have been a teleprompter operator for many years in Northern California and have work on hundreds of sets and helped hundreds of producers, directors, CEO’s, politicians, actors, & novices and other talent feel comfortable & look their best while conveying the message that DP’s, directors and Producers are looking for.

From Dr. OZ passionately telling the world about the California Endowment to Nicole Kidman addressing the United Nations as Goodwill Ambassador. From Snoop Dog reviving an old album he had not sung in 20 years to Lee Hammond, President of AARP addressing the largest club in the world.

Teleprompter operator matches information

I am able to work well with all forms of talent, from wide range of ethnic and diverse backgrounds with different speech patterns, dialects and personalities. Since the teleprompter operator must match the information on the screen with what is occurring in the scene it is very important that they have an ability to work in highly distracting settings and under considerable pressure, which I have proven time and time again that I can do, just read some of my testimonials.

Reduce Frustration with a Good Teleprompter

Teleprompter Operators are being used more and more on video sets because if you find a competent operator who understands how to help the talent bring out their natural flow while presenting the content you need them deliver, not only can you get passionate video content, you can often save money and reduce talent frustration by not having to do take after take after take.

Teleprompting Anywhere

I provide wide range of teleprompter configurations primarily in Northern California, however my equipment is lightweight, AC or DC powered, portable and can be used outside in the sun.
And, along with me, can travel anywhere in the world. I can also provide various convertors, wireless units, and other gadgets to make your production easier. If you need something unique, ask me.
Please review my site, see some of the creative things I’ve done on set and then hire me for a job and let me help you get the best content from your talent as possible.
I look forward to working with you, as your teleprompter,
Teleprompter Jim

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